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Introducing our new hybrid subscription — a mix of print and digital issues that will give you different ways of looking at the world.

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2021 Lineup

Everything you need in one single subscription.

#1 | March

Year in Review


Revisits the most significant events and key trends of 2020, highlighting their impact on our modern world.

#2 | May



Examines how cultural shifts such as polarisation and tribalism, as well as technological developments like deep fakes and surveillance, are threatening our social fabric and ways of life today.

#3 | June

The Future Economy


Outlines the shape of the future economy, with attention to the growing influence of sustainability and technology, as well as the legacy of COVID-19 on lives and livelihoods across the world.

#4/5 | July



Explains key essay writing skills relevant to the General Paper syllabus, with essay samples to help guide and model writing practice.

#6 | August


Print Special

A yearly analysis of recent developments in our city-state, that explores what it means to be Singaporean in this new era.

2021 Subscription


Get the full year’s lineup that combines the best of print and digital.

  • 3 print issues & web exclusive content
  • 2 digital issues
  • 1 print special issues
  • Includes mailing of print issues

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