At the frontier of our digital realities, new ways of uniting and dividing people are only just taking shape. Can we effectively tackle the troubling issues and restore the Internet’s potential as a space for connection?

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Tech company maintains that social media is beneficial

Nick Clegg, VP for Global Affairs and Communications, Facebook

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Deepfake enthusiast says there is little to fear

Chris Ume, Visual Effects Artist known for the “Tom Cruise” TikTok Videos

Software engineer believes we can use AI to fight AI

Giorgio Patrini, CEO and Cofounder of Sensity, an Anti-Deepfake Platform

Victim of deepfake image abuse warns of the scale of the issue

Noelle Martin, Law Student, 2018 WA Young Australian of the Year

Activist stresses the pernicious effects of fakery

Maria Ressa, Director, Investigative Website Rappler